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Q posts Changelog:

4/3/2019 - Initial release of Q Posts site

4/4/2019 - (Cosmetic) Added link-previews that support Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn

4/10/2019 - (Bugfix) Fixed search highlighting issue with spaces

4/12/2019 - (Cosmetic) Moved page buttons out of menu to top and bottom of post list
4/12/2019 - (Cosmetic) Rearranged menu structure
4/12/2019 - (Cosmetic) Added Timezone and Daylight Savings indicators
4/12/2019 - (Functionality) Added Q Post delta checkbox - when checked will show time deltas between q posts, including in searches
4/12/2019 - (Functionality) Added Q Reply delta checkbox - when checked will show time delta between q post and the reply including in searches
4/12/2019 - (Functionality) Added date search capability - can now search for words only, date only, or words and date

4/14/2019 - (Bugfix) Corrected display of Q post deltas so that when post list spans multiple pages, it calculates across pages correctly
4/14/2019 - (Functionality) Added ability to reverse the post order (so instead of most recent to first, it goes first to most recent because some people like reading top-down)

4/15/2019 - (Bugfix) Fixed search highlighting issue that broke links
4/15/2019 - (Cosmetic) Added link to main website
4/15/2019 - (Functionality) Added ability to let users turn off fixed menu at top, when active menu bar will scroll off screen leaving more screen available for posts
4/15/2019 - (Cosmetic) Added changelog so users can see what has been going on

4/17/2019 - (Functionality) Added ability to search device ID field
4/17/2019 - (Bugfix) Single day searches were not being calculated correctly
4/17/2019 - (Functionality) Added ability to download all q posts in one of two color themes, with or without deltas, and download images.

4/18/2019 - (Bugfix) Corrected some incorrect time values in replies
4/18/2019 - (Cosmetic) Reduced the image size in posts so more text is available on-screen

4/19/2019 - (Functionality) Added Q Code highlighting (not perfect, not complete)

4/24/2019 - (Bugfix) Made embedded videos display properly
4/24/2019 - (Bugfix) Corrected some formatting issues in posts 1440 and 1170

4/27/2019 - (Bugfix) Corrected issue with displaying images from replies

5/3/2019 - (Functionality) Added search history to menu so others can see what people are searching
5/3/2019 - (Functionality) Added lists of frequently search terms and frequently search post numbers to menu

5/6/2019 - (Functionality) Added alert popup when new Q posts arrive, checks for new posts every 2 minutes