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Iran is next.
CLAS - Sec 11A P 2.2.
Jan 1.
Jun 1.
No inspection @ GZ NR sites.
No missile tech prevention.
Load carrying.
Think NK.
Who controls the $?
Who really controls the $?
Why does the EU have a vested interest in this deal?
Who receives the money?
When the US sends billions in aid and/or  climate  and/or etc who or what entity audits / tracks to confirm intended recipient(s) rec?
How does GS fund WW counter-events?
Who funds WW leftist events?
American taxpayer (subsidize).
Define nuclear stand-off.
Who benefits?
How do you ‘squeeze’ funds out of the US?
Threat to humanity?
Environment push?
Think Paris accord.
Who audits / tracks the funneled money?
Define kickback.
Define slush fund.
No oversight re: Hussein.
How does the C_A fund non sanctioned ops?
Off the books?
Re_ read past drops.
Will become relevant.
Welcome Mr. President.
The U.S. will NOT agree to continue the Iran deal as it currently stands.