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How STUPID are these PEOPLE? omarosa -tape-meet-the-press-rs-vpx.cnn/video/playlists/ omarosa -manigault/
"Integrity violations."
Integrity violations = LEAKS
Recording a 'privileged & confidential' meeting w/ the WH CoS?
What document(s) are signed prior to entering the WH?
What documents(s) were added by POTUS specifically prior to allowing staff to join his administration?
What documents(s) were added later by POTUS specifically targeting 'leaks'?
Why was FAKE NEWS infuriated by this?
Why would a person 'openly' broadcast a CRIMINAL VIOLATION?
Do they feel protected?
Who do they report to?
If known in advance, could this be an advantage?
These people are STUPID.
Enjoy the show.